Restorative Ground

Built public streetscape installation
Winner, Care for Hudson Square
New York City
2021 - 2022

A public streetscape installation in Hudson Square, NYC that offers a multifaceted landscape of choice and a new vision for inclusive and immersive public space.

Restorative Ground provides a range of spatial qualities - high and low stimulation, tactile materials and textures - in order to create an environment that supports a variety of sensory experiences. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, the installation utilizes that range of conditions to create distinct experiential zones: focused, active, and calm. During the period of its installation from July to November 2021, Restorative Ground offers a dynamic platform for public life to re-emerge in Hudson Square; a place for individual and collective engagement, recreation, and healing.

WIP Collaborative Team:
Abby Coover
Bryony Roberts
Elsa Ponce
Lindsay Harkema
Ryan Brooke Thomas
Sera Ghadaki
Sonya Gimon

About Care For Hudson Square:
Care for Hudson Square is a recovery initiative aimed at reinvigorating the Hudson Square neighborhood. Small and M/WBE design firms were invited to submit proposals for an interactive street installation that would help reactivate the public realm. The Urban Design Forum, Hudson Square Properties, and Hudson Square Business Improvement District announced the winner of their “Care for Hudson Square” design competition in September 2020.

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