Bodies of Womxn

WIP Community Happening
Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn
May 2021

On Saturday, May 28, members of WIP Community gathered for  "Bodies of Womxn", a collective making event and shared act of empowerment. Each individual transformed a paper hospital gown, an item that typically evokes vulnerability, into a garment expressing strength and conviction. In light of ongoing threats to womxn's bodies, reproductive rights, health and abortion care, and freedom, we used green paint inspired by the “Green Wave” of feminist activism that has gained global momentum with recent hard-fought victories for reproductive rights in Latin America, and various stitching, sewing, and wraping techniques gleaned from practices of garment making and care. We wore them and stood together on the monumental stair in the park as an act of solidarity.

Photos by Ilana Kohn.

© WIP Architecture DPC