WIP Community is a supportive network of Women In Practice
that offers a space for sharing experience, resources, and ideas,
and where new opportunities for collaboration can emerge.

Founded on feminist principles, WIP supports those who eschew
patriarchal conventions and define new narratives of
architectural practice through their work.

WIP Participants

Abigail Coover, Overlay Office
Abby Richardson, AbbyElle Style
Angie Co
Brandt Knapp, BRANDT:HAFERD 
Bryony Roberts, Bryony Roberts Studio
Daisy Ames, Studio Ames
Elsa Ponce
Jen Daniels
Linda Daniels
Lindsey Wikstrom
Liza Chiu
Marti Gottsch
Mia Scharpie, Build Yourself Workshop
Ryan Brooke Thomas, Kalos Eidos Studio
Sasha Topolnytska, Topos Studio
Sera Ghadaki, SERA GHADAKI
Sonya Gimon
Yu Nong Khew, Khew Cornelius


Lindsay Harkema

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